• Project Description

    Heliopolis University Innovation Platform






    Heliopolis University is launching the Innovation Platform with the vision to create a mechanism that brings together key players from industry, academia and governmental bodies to address the challenges facing the Egyptian society through research and innovation.

    The Innovation Platform includes the following pillars:

     Establishment of Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs) that drive the flow of knowledge and experience from across research and business and involve members from Academia, Industry, NGOs, and policy makers. The networks cover the following areas: food and organic agriculture, water, renewable energy resources, phyto-pharmaceuticals and natural medicine.

     Establishment of Renewable Energy Business Incubation Program (BI) to provide needed assistance and resources for Egyptian researchers/entrepreneurs in order to successfully create and sustain startup companies that bring their innovations to the market leading to the introduction of new products and services.

     Establishment of upgraded Grant Management Office that involves a Special & Sponsored Programs Unit (SSP), Project Management Unit (PMU), Intellectual Property Unit (IPR), and Technology Development & Entrepreneurship Unit.

  • Achievements

    Online Portal :

    Other promotional materials: Under Preparation

  • Partners & Funding Agencies

    Acronym: Platform

    Funding Program: RDI 2.Sch.2 Year: (2014-2015)

    Project Reference Number: RDI2/S2/169

    Partners/Countries: N/A

    Total Budget:  99 697 Euros


    Project Theme: Innovation Support

    Project Main Scope: Awareness and Support Actions

  • PRIMER – Research & Innovation Management






    Promoting the Research and Innovation Management through studying of Education and RDI capacity in developing countries (PRIMER)

    Case Study: Egypt


    Main Objective:

    To foster Egypt economic growth, its international S&T competitiveness and the knowledge-based society via improvement of the Education, R&D and Innovation capacity, performance;


    Specific Objectives: - Measurable

    • To define and measure Education, Science, Technology and Innovation indicators for Sectors (Heliopolis Univ.) and for Domains (BMI);

    • To develop Science, technology and Innovation (STI) Index/ Meter for an Egyptian University;

    • To transfer innovation and research applied methodologies;

    • To come across the future possible cooperation in Horizon 2020, TEMPUS-2014, others;

    • To review/enhance the structure of Universities innovation and research management offices;


  • Project Description

    The Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research & Innovation Gateway





    The Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research & Innovation Gateway - MED-SPRING -, built on the previous experience of the INCO.NET MIRA, but adapted to the new reality of the Euro-Mediterranean policy and the general orientations defined in the Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Barcelona (2-3 April 2012), is focused on three societal challenges (Energy, High Quality Affordable Food, and Scarcity of resources) and aims at tackling policy objectives by creating a dialogue and coordination platform of governmental institutions, research organisations, associations and civil society.

    The specific objectives of the Project are thus: enhancing EU-MPCs co-ownership in research cooperation; creating synergies in order to reduce fragmentation of research actions; involving the civil society in the institutional dialogue on research and innovation; developing cooperation instruments to tackle societal challenges with a view to sustainability; supporting research and innovation capacity building through comprehensive training and contributing build an Euro-Mediterranean shared knowledge space in order to develop common EU-MPCs planning capacity and a sustainable regional RDT policy and cooperation

  • Objectives

    The principal objectives of MED-SPRING are:

    • To develop and support the dialogue between EU - MPCs by bringing together policymakers and stakeholders from each MPC and EU Member states to create a dialogue and action platform to identify common interest in research areas,

    • To set up S&T priorities,

    • Support capacity building activities and enhance the interaction between different cooperation instruments of the EC to promote actions in order to monitor, develop and contribute to creating synergies among the various S&T cooperation programmes between MPCs/EU and foster the participation of the MPCs in the Framework Programme.

  • Impressions

    2nd General Assembly Meeting, Berlin Feb., 2015

  • Partners & Funding Agencies

    Acronym: MED SPRING

    Funding Program: FP7

    Year: (start-end)  Project Reference Number: INCO-311780

    Partners/Countries: 28 Partners from 18 Countries

    Total Budget:       4 Million Euro


    Project Theme: Research and Innovation

    Project Main Scope: Strategic

  • Project Description

    Heliopolis University Innovation and Research Observatory


    Heliopolis University Research and Innovation Observatory (HIRO) is the Technology, Innovation and Commercialisation Office (TICO) hosted by HU.


    HIRO serves as the main R&D and innovation core structure inside Heliopolis University. HIRO’s holistic message is to assist academic staff, researchers and professionals inside HU and in other Egyptian universities and research centers in order to accomplish a real and sustainable knowledge-based economy in Egypt.


    To achieve this, HIRO cooperates with the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT) to support researchers providing them with guidance on funding while connecting them with networks of counterparts, and national and international fundraising agencies.

  • Achievements

    Organization of the 1st HU Innovation and Research Development Committee (IRD) to design the University R&D Strategy;


    Establishment of: Technology Transfer Office, Intellectual Office, and Grant Management Office;


    Establishment of TICO-HIRO Website:


    Establishment of HU Researchers Database;


    Establishment of HU Research Projects Database and Projects Management Tool;


    Training and Capacity Building courses and workshops in: proposal writing, grants management, technology transfer, IP rights;


    Apply for the first 2-Patents applications for the University in fields of: Phyto- pharmaceutical and Agriculture;


    Organization of HU 1st Research & Innovation Brokerage Event, July 2014;


    Representing HU in different national and international R&D events and conferences;

  • Impressions


  • Partners & Funding Agencies

    Acronym: HIRO

    Funding Program: ASRT-TICO Year: (October 2013- October 2015)

    Partners/Countries: Egypt

    Total Budget:  700 000     (EGP)


    Project Theme: Research and Innovation

    Project Main Scope (choose one only): 5.Awarness and Support Actions