Green Energy & Energy Efficiency

  • Project Description

    Under Construction

  • Achievements

    Under Construction

  • Technological Challenges

    - Design and development and manufacturing of large scale low-cost vertical wind turbine (100Kw) suitable for Egyptian slow wind speed.

    - Designing and manufacturing of a passive air condition system using solar chimney concept.

    - Designing and manufacturing solar collector for absorption cooling system.

    - PV systems for the Egyptian off-grid poor

    - Low cost Solar Water Heater

    - Low cost Commercial gasifier (with control regulate the performance)

    - Local biomass pelletizers

    - Bio-Char production plants

    - Floating piston sterling engine

    - Local deep-cycle battery production

  • Available Technologies

    Under Construction

  • Partners & Funding Agencies


    - 1.3 Mio Euro


    - 10