Photovoltaic Web Monitoring

The photovoltaic installed system is equipped with web-based software to continuously monitor and document the power generation by the photovoltaic system. This software allows the PV system to be checked and supervised remotely (online) and evaluate the performance of the entire system. The wind sensor and the ambient temperature sensor are installed in the system to give alarms through the software in case of any problems and in case of the need for changing the panels’ angle of installation.


Here are some graphs in different cases:














Case1:Sunny day with inclination angle 15º
















Case 2: Sunny day with inclination angle 30º

















Case 3: Cold day with inclination angle 15º



















Case 4: Cold day with inclination angle 30º




Web visitors who are interested in photovoltaic technology are welcome to get access to our sunny portal and check the online data of the system.

You should contact Maximilian Abouleish at  maximilian.abouleish[at] to be granted an access to the portal through guest account.