Biodynamic Agriculture

  • Project Description

    Protecting National Economic Crops via Application of Beneficial Microorganisms to Bio-Control Plant and Human Pathogens in Organic Agriculture






    BioGuard aims to achieve high quality affordable food and maximum economic and strategic organic crops production in Egypt. One of the main benefits will be the reinforcement of the cooperation between industry (LIBRA Company), research (TUGraz, JKI, ARC) and international (IFOAM) sectors in food and Agriculture businesses enriching the Egyptian knowledge base economy through the production of innovative biotechnological products. Such Economic Sustainable Development in Egypt fosters also the exported crops to Europe.

  • Objectives


    • To develop Biocontrol products on the basis of antagonists as well as bacteriophages

    • To develop Biocontrol strategies, which can be integrated in plant protection systems;

    • Dissemination of sustainable - ecologically, socially and economically sound  - farming practices and awareness raising on the benefits of Organic Agriculture;


    Expected Outcomes/ Deliverables: A number of Biocontrol Agents and biotechnological products will be produced, in commercial scale, and introduced to the local Organic and Traditional food market and to be exported to surrounding region, i.e. other MEDAs. Products will be produced in commercial scale with high efficiency to control of: Brown rot, Human Pathogens and Nematodes.

    Target Groups/ Final Beneficiaries: Agro-food industry, food technicians and engineers, local authorities, researchers, Egyptian society at large (Consumers of Egyptian agro-food productions; Producers; exporters).

  • Partners & Funding Agencies


    1. Agriculture Research Centre (Egypt),

    2. Graz University of Technology (Austria),

    3. Julius Kühn-Institut – Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants (Germany),

    4. International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (Germany)


    Project sector:  Agriculture


    Total budget of the Project:  441,410 EURO


    Grant awarded: (Sheme I – Scheme II – Cluster):  Scheme 1 “ENPI-2014-342-707”